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Borneo by Jeroen Franken

  • Borneo by Jeroen Franken
  • Borneo by Jeroen Franken
  • Borneo by Jeroen Franken

published in 2017
more then 200 pages of borneo sketches / designs ( from 1995 to 2017 ) ranging from Iban tattoo designs to Borneo inspired sketches from the hand of the author.

Attention :
- At the beginning of summer cleaning up our studio, I ran into a box with books. This box we forgot about when we moved our studio 5 years ago. In this box we found 10 copies of the sold out Borneo book as well as 12 copies of the Pantang Iban book. The books are new and we decided to put them up for sale. Both books have been sold out, this is the very last of them as far as I know.
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